“Your voice is a unity of your body, mind and soul. When you free your authentic voice, you free your authentic self.” —Kate Firth

Kate works with individuals from all walks of life from experienced performers to people with no experience speaking in public who’d like to gain skills and tools for improving their communication style.

Kate sees individual clients in Winchester, where she is based. She travels to London and beyond to work in organisations.

How Does It Work?

How Many Sessions Will Be Needed?

This depends on the circumstances and your needs:

For Lasting Change, 6 hours minimum is recommended. It takes years to build up our voice and speech habits, so it will take time and practise to make the desired changes. Coaching needs commitment and time to build muscle memory and effective habits.

90 minute slots are ideal. Kate will negotiate if you prefer 60 minute sessions.

Contact Kate to find out more.


Kate also runs group courses. You may wish to visit Actors and Organisations to see more of what Kate offers.

I found working with Kate an extremely enjoyable, interesting and uplifting experience. I achieved fantastic results with respect to my voice, presence and standing at work and rediscovered a deep sense of relaxation, capacity and confidence in my own abilities.
JamesSenior Engineering Consultant