Performance Skills for Poets and Writers

“…lend to the rhyme of the poet
The beauty of thy voice.” —Longfellow

As a voice coach, poet and performer with an passion for a finely turned phrase, Kate is keen to help writers and poets lift text off the page and embody their writing .

Kate will help you meet specific demands of reading your work in public.  Escape the dreaded ‘poet’s voice.’ Ensure your voice is clear, expressive and spontaneous. Find the physical mental energy needed to sustain lengthy pieces of narrative or text. Reel in your audience with your words.

How To Use Your Voice Effectively

  • Control and extend your breathing
  • Learn how to project
  • Develop a greater vocal flexibility and pitch range
  • Find more emotional and vocal energy and power
  • Improve clarity, resonance and a richer tone
  • Understand the impact of posture, stance and gesture on voice and speech
  • Develop a personalised voice warm
  • Sound like your voice reflects who you are

Vocal Punctuation For Expressive Reading

  • Keep your audience interested
  • Speak your story with ‘chunks’ of meaning and ‘vocal punctuation’
  • Emphasise the right words
  • Use word length and phrasing to establish rhythm and metre
  • Work with line endings to prevent ‘falling inflections’
  • Learn to let the text speak through you

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Kate is an inspirational person to work with. I learned to harness my voice for better communication, both professionally and personally – which is an incredibly empowering and enjoyable process. As a voice coach, Kate earns my highest recommendation.
JamesCompany Director