Find an authentic, expressive voice that reflects the real you.

Coaching is practical and physical. It works with you as whole person to help you speak from a grounded, authentic and powerful place in yourself. Feel and sound clear, expressive and free.

  • Understand the impact of body use: posture, stance and gesture on voice
  • Deepen your breathing
  • Learn how to project
  • Increase pitch range
  • Develop greater resonance and richer tone
  • Improve diction and clarity
  • Increase  vocal energy and power
  • Develop a personalised voice warm up
  • Make your message engaging and memorable
  • Sound like your voice reflects who you are

I found working with Kate an extremely enjoyable, interesting and uplifting experience. I achieved fantastic results with respect to my voice, presence and standing at work and rediscovered a deep sense of relaxation, capacity and confidence in my own abilities.
JamesSenior Engineering Consultant