“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” —Émile Zola

Kate Firth voice work with actorsVocal Technique

Refresh your warm-up technique. Build a robust, reliable power source in the breath to use your voice freely and authentically in a variety of spaces. Work on tone and resonance, range, projection, diction, vocal flexibility and stamina.

Breathing, Release and Relaxation

A centred, rooted breath is essential for feeling grounded, confident and ready to perform. Free up tension restricting your breath, allowing greater resonance and emotional freedom. Ease nerves by calming your breath.

Text and Dialogue Coaching

Gain confidence and skill working with classic texts such as Shakespeare, Restoration, Wilde and Coward. Discover the precise emotional and vocal demands of modern texts such as Pinter, Beckett and Mamet. Topics may include:

  • Textures of speech sounds
  • Rhythm and metre
  • Discover the emotional weight of vowels and consonants
  • Line endings and preventing the ‘falling inflection’
  • Length of thought
  • Word play
  • Work with complex syntax

Character Development

Kate works on character development through movement, physicality, voice and text:

  • Find character clues through language choice, sentence structure and imagery
  • Character motivation and intentions
  • Character’s sensory and intellectual world
  • Character status
  • Character’s psycho-physicality
  • Develop an authentic, emotionally truthful character
  • Keep your voice free and supported

 Voice Challenges

Tackle vocal demands such as fight scenes, performing in difficult acoustics, and scenes of heightened emotion, such as shouting and whispering.  Kate has worked on complex scenes such as crowd scenes, where there’s a need for varying vocal textures in rhythm, tone and clarity, as well as individuality of all characters. She also helps performers handle voice strain.

Accent Softening, RP and Non-Native Performers and Speakers

Kate passionately believes our accents are part of us. Anyone can learn to speak clearly in any accent of English. She also coaches those who wish to improve their RP (Received Pronunciation) skills. With a background in applied linguistics and phonetics, Kate has extensive experience working with non-native actors.

Ear Training

Topics include sensitising your ear for accurate dialects, tone and rhythm and pronunciation. For character work, explore what’s happening within your character’s silence. Why are they silent? What’s happening in their inner world? Maintain vocal distinctiveness in scenes with other characters.

Voice Teaching Experience

Bath Spa University (MA in Shakespeare for Performance), Voice Module Leader, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Central School of Speech and Drama, Oxford School of Drama, ALRA, The Actor’s Company at London Centre for Theatre Studies, Mountview, Webber Douglas. [see clients]

How it works:

How Many Sessions Will Be Needed?

For Lasting Change, 6 hours minimum is recommended.  Coaching needs commitment and time to build muscle memory and effective habits.

90 minute slots are ideal. Kate will negotiate if you prefer 60 minute sessions.
Kate also runs regular group courses.

Contact Kate to find out more.

Kate is an inspirational person to work with. I learned to harness my voice for better communication, both professionally and personally – which is an incredibly empowering and enjoyable process. As a voice coach, Kate earns my highest recommendation.
JamesCompany Director