Deep Listening Skills


Effective communicators need to be sensitive listeners as well as influential speakers. Leaders and all professionals need to hear what others have to say. Great communicators recognise that not everybody has the skill or courage to say exactly what they think. Learn to listen deeply, beyond the words, to what someone is trying to say. When you listen from the heart, it gives others the courage to speak from theirs.

Note, this course is not about literally interpreting body language in a scientific way. Nor is it about manipulating another person to get y what you want. This course asks you to show up and be present to someone with their own needs and viewpoint, and staying open to what they say.

Listening skills include:

  • Observing what you see someone doing with their body
  • What you hear in their voice tone
  • Noticing what you feel in yourself when they speak and what this tells you about your relationship
  • Learn how to listen to what someone is trying to say as well as what they are saying
  • Develop a deeper, more trustful and respectful rapport with others
  • Build mindful presence and awareness
  • Learn an essential ingredients of respectful and skilful relationships.

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Everybody should work with Kate! I asked for help on a presentation and her job goes beyond voice coaching. It helps you find a better you, and achieve a different attitude to your daily tasks and the people around you. I now feel more self-confident and charismatic.
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