Voice and Personal Impact

“There is a vitality, a life force…translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression of yours is unique. And if you block it, it will be lost.” —Martha Graham

Become a more influential, charismatic communicator.

Coaching is practical and physical. Optimise your communication style and unique individual ‘spirit.’ Speak from a grounded, authentic and powerful place in yourself. Kate combines practical skills with a holistic approach.

Kate focuses on four main areas:

  • Body: improve posture and breathing, using appropriate body language for credibility and approachability
  • Voice: build a fuller tone, improve range, clarity, and projection
  • Word: motivate specific audiences with compelling language
  • Relationship: develop awareness of the needs of ‘the other.’ Understand the importance of values, yours and theirs. Cultivate skilful working relationships.

Breathing and Relaxation Exercises

Calm your nerves. Find a sense of ‘centre and personal power’.  Cultivate presence.

Accent Softening

Kate passionately believes your accent is part of you. Anyone can learn to speak clearly in any accent of English. She is equally happy to work with those who wish to improve their RP (Received Pronunciation) skills. As a qualified TESL teacher, Kate has extensive experience with non-native speakers.

How Does It Work?

Kate follows the lead of the client and addresses needs as they come up. Coaching can move beyond practical skills to explore how you use your voice, powerfully and responsibly, to become an influential leader and communicator.

Executive Coaching is usually arranged in block of at least 2 hours.

Take a look at Kate’s courses to see what other topics Kate covers.

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Everybody should work with Kate! I asked for help on a presentation and her job goes beyond voice coaching. It helps you find a better you, and achieve a different attitude to your daily tasks and the people around you. I now feel more self-confident and charismatic.
Nicola GiuggioliCEOEco Age Ltd