Impact and Influence


For experienced presenters, this course sharpens your influencing skills in one-to-one and group situations. Create persuasive, messages that respect the values and needs of your audience. Identify your preferred influencing style and receive feedback how you come across. Clarify purposeful outcomes and deliver influential messages with authenticity.

We will focus on four main areas:

  • Body: improving posture, breathing, using appropriate body language for gravitas or approachability
  • Voice: build a fuller tone, improved range clarity, energy and projection
  • Word: strategies for compelling written and verbal communication for specific audiences
  • Relationship: build awareness ‘the other’ in the communication situation. Understand their values, their communication preferences; build rapport and flexibility in your communication.

Course Outcomes

  • Identify the body language of credibility and or approachability
  • Identify your leadership style
  • Align your outcomes and  message with your values
  • Clarify and define your key messages
  • Understand the importance of respecting your audience’s values
  • Learn to listen deeply to what really motivates others
  • Build rapport with an audience
  • Use influential, visionary language to create inspiring, convincing messages
  • Gain awareness of how your message is being received
  • Each delegate receives a bespoke voice or body language exercise

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I have watched  her repeatedly transform ‘hopeless cases’ (my judgment, not hers) into brilliant communicators. The effect is quite jaw-dropping. But perhaps, even more remarkably, she also takes brilliant communicators and transforms them into slightly better ones.
Colin Firth