Purpose and Identity

“What I do is me, for that I came” —Gerard Manley Hopkins

Sometimes we need to go beyond the literal. Finding your voice means listening to the ‘voice’ of your deepest self and then walking your talk.

Coaching helps you explore your deeper values and how these line up with your sense of professional identity. All these must be compatible for meaningful and fulfilling work. Coaching reconnects ou to who you really are, both as a professional with responsibilities and as person of integrity with a unique purpose in the world.

This aware, purposeful sense of identity gives you the will and commitment to relate to and lead others confidently and authentically. This is especially important for professionals moving into new leadership positions, or senior executives who feel they’ve lost a sense of who they are due to the demands of their role.

Coaching assumes the client has their own answers and provides the key to unlock this sense of wisdom from within. Coaching is organic and follows the client’s lead.

Coaching may include the following, depending on your aims:

  • Clarify your personal values
  • Define your sense of professional identity and purpose
  • Understand how your values, purpose and identity shape your behaviour
  • Recognise and manage limiting beliefs
  • Understand how your behaviour affects your relationships
  • Manage your relationships more effectively, consciously and skilfully
  • Manage your personal and professional impact

How Does It Work?

Kate follows the lead of the client and addresses needs as they come up. Coaching can move beyond practical skills to explore how you use live your role powerfully and responsibly, to become a professional with a positive influence on your relationships and your world.

Coaching is usually arranged in block of at least 2 hours.

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Thank you for your expertise and skill in voice coaching the masters multimedia journalism students this term. They have shown great improvement; I have been really impressed with their delivery, in both news presenting, their pieces to camera and their voice overs. Thank you so much Kate.
Caragh SalisburyLecturerDepartment of Film and Journalism