Inspiring and Persuasive Speeches

“Of course it matters what you say. Words are vital. Words change worlds.” —Kate Firth


We are bombarded with facts, data and logical arguments. Yet data alone doesn’t drive change. In creating a truly motivating speech, a skilful speakers inspire their audiences with a vision. Great speakers such as Martin Luther King, Churchill, Nelson Mandela and Ghandi spoke from their passion, aligning body, feelings, mind, spirit and speech to reach the hearts and minds of their audience. Their words changed worlds. Your words can, too.

You can learn the ingredients and skills for persuasive and inspiring speech making.

This inspiring, practical course shows you how to write and deliver truly memorable, persuasive speeches. The steps are clear, simple and easy to apply. After all, they have been supporting persuasive and memorable speeches for centuries.

Vital ingredients for persuasive, memorable and inspiring speeches:

  • Define your values and intention
  • Identify your audience’s values
  • Identify how powerful, influential speakers deliver verbal and non-verbal language
  • Learn and practise precise, powerful language structures for persuasive speech
  • Use powerful, credible and approachable body language
  • Free up and project your voice
  • Work with your own voice to breathe life into your words
  • Connect to your purpose: speak from your heart
  • Experience the exhilarating physical power of speaking with visionary, powerful language

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Everybody should work with Kate! I asked for help on a presentation and her job goes beyond voice coaching. It helps you find a better you, and achieve a different attitude to your daily tasks and the people around you. I now feel more self-confident and charismatic.
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