Your Voice and You


Kate Firth voice training workshops and coursesYour voice is a vital outward expression of who you are. It projects your thoughts and feelings into the world. This course explores how we convey who we are via our voices. Does your voice feel like a truthful representation of who you are?

This practical two day course helps you find your vocal power and expressivity. Identify and release blocks and inhibitions to your voice and speech. Discover how to speak from a grounded, authentic and powerful place in yourself. Speak clearly and freely. Feel like your voice expresses who you are.


  • An awareness of your voice as a whole system that includes body, feelings and mind
  • Improved posture and body use and awareness of how these impact the voice.
  • Understanding the relationship between breath and voice
  • Connecting breath voice, feeling and thought
  • Releasing tension and blocks to your voice
  • Greater vocal range
  • Clarity of speech
  • Feel, look and sound embodied and empowered
  • Owning a voice that feels more like you
  • A warm up that you can use to keep your voice flexible and free

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Everybody should work with Kate! I asked for help on a presentation and her job goes beyond voice coaching. It helps you find a better you, and achieve a different attitude to your daily tasks and the people around you. I now feel more self-confident and charismatic.
Nicola GiuggioliCEOEco Age Ltd