Your Voice at Work


Kate Firth voice training workshops and coursesDo you use your voice to do your job? Do you speak in meetings? Out in the field with clients or colleagues? Do you talk on the phone all day? This course will give you the skills to speak confidently and expressively in any working environment.

Practical tools to build confidence and the technical skills of powerful and expressive voice:

  • Understand the impact of body use: posture, stance and gesture on voice
  • Control and extend your breathing
  • Learn how to project
  • Develop pitch range and vocal expressivity
  • Find more vocal energy and power
  • Develop a richer tone
  • Develop a voice warm up
  • Make your message memorable using vocal punctuation
  • Learn how to look after your voice
  • Cultivate presence
  • Sound like your voice reflects who you are

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I have watched  her repeatedly transform ‘hopeless cases’ (my judgment, not hers) into brilliant communicators. The effect is quite jaw-dropping. But perhaps, even more remarkably, she also takes brilliant communicators and transforms them into slightly better ones.
Colin Firth